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I'm happy to announce a new chapter book series for kids, "Speed Bump & Slingshot Misadventures." The first in the series is titled, Night of the Living Worms, and is geared for ages 6-11. I could tell you what it's about, but why not let the School Library Journal do it for me?

"This first chapter book series from Coverly, an internationally syndicated cartoonist whose ďSpeed BumpĒ cartoons appear in more than 400 newspapers, and the winner of the prestigious Reuben Award for Best Cartoonist, focuses on the travails of a bird named Speed Bump. Speed Bumpís brother is the illustrious Early Bird, the one who always gets the worm. This isnít Speed Bumpís only problem. He has a hard time waking up, his wings are tiny, his tail feathers are short, and his head is larger than his body. Fortunately, he has a great friend, Slingshot, who knows how to brighten Speed Bumpís days. Together they have a life-changing adventure deep in the nighttime forest. Filled with subtle irony, wordplay, and gentle pokes at life, the text is accompanied by appealingly large, cartoon-style, black-and-white line drawings. VERDICT This story will have students laughing out loud and reluctant readers asking for the sequel."

Night of the Living Worms was named an Amazon Best Book for the month of October, and has been selected by the Scholastic Book Club & Fairs for inclusion in their spring 2016 catalogue. As a kid, I was obsessed with those catalogues we got in school, so this is very flattering indeed.

As always, picking it up at your local bookstore is the best way to buy it! Of course, you may also buy the book from Amazon by clicking here

NIght of Living Worms

Dogs Are People, Too
A book collecting all of the dog cartoons I've done for "Speed Bump" and Parade magazine? Why, yes, yes it is. Dogs Are People, Too is reasonably priced, full color, and also contains personal stories and photos. You may like it. Or you may think it would make a nice gift for that dog lover in your life. But hey, you're an autonomous human being with your own hopes, fears, and buying impulses, so you may not. What do I know?

Peek inside here...and buy it here or here.


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