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  From a critically acclaimed biographer and an award winning cartoonist comes a debut picture book that takes a traditional sing-along tune and puts a brand new twist on it. SUE MACDONALD HAD A BOOK uses the rhythmic structure of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" to provide the story's framework. It's a "vowel" sing-along! With playful characters and adventurous scenarios, this book is an excellent choice for learning about vowels.

What would you do if a bunch of letters jumped right off the page while you were reading a book? Run after them, of course! Join Sue MacDonald as she travels from a railroad station to a sewer to a mountain peak and more, all in an attempt to capture her renegade vowels. Reading a book has never been so interactive!

Jim Tobin's clever textóbased on a favorite children's songó is perfectly coupled with Dave Coverly's winning illustrations. Get ready for a madcap adventure starring five very important letters!

"The cartoony illustrations and smart verse make for an engaging read-aloud--or sing-along." - Publishers Weekly

"This lively grammar-related adventure is a sing-along...done in vivid colors, the ink-and-watercolor illustrations feature high-energy cartoon figures...This educational a strong choice for classroom and library collections." - School Library Journal

"A fun-filled way to introduce and emphasize vowel sounds, this is particularly well-suited for use in the classroom or for a parent/child sing-along." - Kirkus Reviews

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