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Hey, Bob & Tom are "Speed Bump" fans


Speed Bump in different languages!

  Depending on your definition of "news" and "fun", this is the "News & Fun" page... It's the place where you'll find the sporadic update about new book releases and signings, links, and general Coverly-related nonsense. It is not, however, a blog. Blogs are done by people who have things to say. If the Internet was a party, blogs would be right in the center of the action, chatting away, while this page would be on the couch in the next room, drinking a Staropramen and speaking only when spoken to. But in a friendly way.

Anyway, check back semi-regularly. Meanwhile, here's some fun stuff.

Animated New Yorker cartoon, courtesy of the kind folks at RingTales.

Ripped from the home page of the
Eastern Michigan University website...


Video of a live drawing, done with the
Kalamazoo Concert Band, in front of 1200 people


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